Tesla Model 3 – Price, Specs & Review in Canada 2022

Tesla Model 3 Price

Tesla Model 3 is an all electric sedan and price in Canada starts at CAN$ 45,000 for the Standard Range RWD trim and goes up to CAN$ 82,000 for the Performance AWD in 2022.

Trim LevelPrice
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range RWDCAN$ 45,000
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWDCAN$ 59,000
Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWDCAN$ 65,000
Tesla Model 3 Performance AWDCAN$ 82,000
Tesla Model 3 price table


The Tesla Model 3 is the third member of the range of 100% electric vehicles from Tesla. This new model was born with the aim of providing an affordable vehicle within the Tesla family, and has become the world’s most popular electric car.

The Tesla Model 3 started production in 2017 to much fanfare and media attention. Some consider it the car of the future, as it’s an electric vehicle that can drive longer distances with fewer charging stops than most other electric cars on the market. The Tesla Model 3 isn’t just well-made, but also reasonably priced.


The Tesla Model 3 is characterized by having a large lithium-ion battery that provides a range between 430 and 538 kilometers, depending on the version. It is manufactured at the Tesla plants in Berlin (Germany) and in California (United States).

There are four versions of Tesla Model 3 in Canada. The access version called Standard Range offers a range of 430 km and has a single electric motor on the rear axle, making it RWD. It is capable of doing 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, a figure that puts it on a par with a sports sedan with more than 300 horsepower.

The most advanced of the Tesla Model 3 is the Model 3 Performance and comes with all-wheel drive and two electric motors (one on each axle). Model 3 Performance has a range of 538 km, accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and has a top speed of 261 km/h. This trim level adds a carbon fiber spoiler, 20″ wheels, aluminum pedals and the exclusive “Track Mode” function.

Track Mode is geared towards circuit driving. This driving mode more aggressively cools the electric motors and battery, and increases the intensity of regenerative braking. It offers an electronic differential to enable faster cornering and a “Drift mode” that induces spectacular drifts.


Model 3 a car with a similar appearance to the Tesla Model S, although it is shorter and has five seats instead of seven. A striking detail is that it lacks a grille. The Tesla Model 3 also has an alternative, at similar prices, that is a compact crossover: the Tesla Model Y. The Tesla Model 3 is, therefore, a car with a dynamic cut, but spacious and technological inside.


The passenger compartment of the new Tesla Model 3 will be suitable for any trip with five adults on board. Unfortunately, the new Tesla Model 3 does not come with options in which extra seats for children can be made available, as is the case with the Tesla Model S. In order to promote interior roominess, the seats have been moved forward, achieving in the interior of the Tesla Model 3 more space for the occupants of the rear seats.

As is customary in Tesla vehicles, a large central screen has been incorporated into which all the functions are integrated, being the first vehicle of the brand to lack instrumentation behind the wheel. All the necessary driving parameters are displayed on this large central screen. This screen has dimensions of up to 15 inches and is placed, for the first time, in a horizontal position

It is possible to have a large panoramic roof that will increase the feeling of spaciousness for its occupants, helping to make journeys more pleasant and less tedious.

Tesla Model 3 Specifications

Battery Capacity75 kWh
Range538 km
Max Power470 horsepower
Torque471 lb-ft
TransmissionDirect drive
Top Speed261 km/h
0-60 Mph Time3.3 seconds
Fuel Efficiency94 MPGe
Charge Time20 minutes (20-80% with a Supercharger)
Number Of Seats5
Number of Doors4

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