SSC Tuatara Price in USA 2022

SSC Tuatara Price

SSC Tuatara is a limited production sports car and 2022 Price in USA starts at $ 1,350,000 for the Standard model and goes up to $ 1,950,000 for the SSC Tuatara Aggressor model. SSC Tuatara hold the record for the world’s fastest production car at 316.11 mph.

SSC Tuatara series offer 3 models as the Standard, Striker and Aggressor and you can see their pricing in the following table. The production is limited to 100 units.

Trim LevelPrice
SSC Tuatara Standard$ 1,350,000
SSC Tuatara Striker$ 1,650,000
SSC Tuatara Aggressor$ 1,950,000
SSC Tuatara price table


In the world of sports cars, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the SSC Tuatara. The Tuatara has established itself as one of the top cars on the market, thanks to its unique design and blistering performance numbers that make it the ultimate sports car choice for those looking to get behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle. Read on to learn more about this coveted car and why it should be your next choice in automotive excellence.


Equipped with a powerful 5.9-litre V8 engine developed in collaboration with Nelson Racing Engines, it has a bespoke twin-turbo flat-plane crankshaft and develops 1,750 hp . This exorbitant power is transmitted to a CIMA 7-speed computerized manual gearbox that works in unison with a state-of-the-art Automac AMT system that operates the engagement and movement selection in the gearbox.

The SSC Tuatara has the best drag coefficient of a production hypercar (0.279), thanks to the design by Jason Castriota, made from a strong and lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis . Its special body design, tested in the NASA wind tunnel in Langley, Virginia, allowed it to maintain a perfect aerodynamic balance of 37% at the front and 63% at the rear from 150 to 330 mph (from 241 at 531 km/h), guaranteeing precise downforce on all four wheels.

Another fundamental part of any hypercar is it’s contact with the asphalt, for which Forgeline Motorsports was again entrusted to supply its Carbon + Forged series wheels (strong and light), in association with the well-known manufacturer of carbon rims, Dymag, tasked with fulfilling this extremely important dynamic and aesthetic endeavor. Based on Forgeline’s CF201 wheels, they use a proprietary forged alloy hub, coupled with Dymag’s proprietary carbon fiber barrels designed to deliver the stiffness and durability needed to perform at the peak of hypercar performance.

The tires used were strictly standard Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that responded adequately in these extreme shooting conditions.

SSC Tuatara Models

The North American company SSC (Shelby Super Cars) which produces Tuatara hyper sports cars later introduced 2 more models to the Tuatara range as the Tuatara Striker and the Tuatara Aggressor.

SSC Tuatara Striker

The Tuatara Striker made specifically for race tracks retains the mechanical specifications of the standard Tuatara. Added to this is an exterior redesign that includes a fixed rear wing, capable of tripling the downforce values ​​generated by the standard car at 260 km/h (161.5 mph).

The Tuatara Striker also has a revised weight distribution, placing 45% of the mass on the front axle and 55% on the rear axle.

The availability of more downforce and revised weight balance on the Tuatara Striker improve dynamic performance noticeably, but the massive rear wing and other aerodynamic enhancements also increase drag, making the new version less quick.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor

In addition to the Striker, SSC is producing the Tuatara Aggressor with an engine illegal to drive on regular roads. Tuatara Aggressor is the result of modifying the Tuatara Striker and enhancing its drive train in order to go from the standard 1,750 horsepower of the engine to approximately 2,200 hp. The Tuatara Aggressor also receives a treatment to lighten weight, by removing various accessories and simplifying the equipment of its passenger compartment. SSC also specifies exclusive elements in the Aggressor, such as safety harnesses and adjustable pedals. All aspects of chassis and drivetrain operation can be configured to user requirements, just like a racing car.

The improvements applied to the Tuatara Aggressor make it a very fast hypercar, although, at the moment, SSC does not declare official performance figures in terms of acceleration and top speed. However, the modifications made to the Aggressor take it to another level. The car cannot legally roll on the streets and cannot be competed with, because it is not homologated under any sporting regulations.

The exact prices of the three versions of the SSC Tuatara varies, because the buyer is offered a great possibility of configurations and choice of materials at the level of wheels, accessories and finishes. In any case, the minimum entry value is two million dollars.

SSC Tuatara EV Hybrid

CEO of SSC, Jerod Shelby has said his team is working on the development of an evolution of the Tuatara that would equip an electrified engine and four-wheel drive, something totally different from the current mechanical proposal. The new Tuatara would be offered in a hybrid version that would combine the combustion engine with two electric motors, one for each front wheel, surely with more than 2,000 horsepower, although this is just a speculation.

SSC Tuatara Specifications

EngineTwin-turbocharged, Intercooled, V-8
Engine Capacity5998 cc
Max Power1350 hp @ 8800 rpm
Torque1735 Nm @ 6800 rom
Transmission7-speed paddle shift manual
Top Speed316.11 mph
0-60 Mph Time2.5 seconds
Fuel EfficiencyN/A
Number Of Seats2
Number of Doors2

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