Rivian R1T price in Canada

What is the price of Rivian R1T in Canada?

New Rivian R1T 2022 Price in Canada starts at CA$ 90,000 for the Explore trim level and goes up to CA$ 98,000 for the Adventure trim. Rivian R1T is the first ever electric truck in production.
Rivian R1T ExploreCA$ 90,000
Rivian R1T AdventureCA$ 98,000

Review of Rivian R1T in Canada

It has been three years since the American firm Rivian, which has the backing and investment of the giant Amazon, announced its first two electrical vehicles, the Rivian R1S SUV and the Rivian R1T pick-up truck. Since then we have met various rivals for the R1T, such as the Tesla Cybertruck, the  Ford F-150 Lightning or the GMC Hummer EV, but Rivian R1T is the first and the only pick-up truck to hit the market.

Rivian R1T price in Canada

Engine and Performance

It is an extraordinary model, in several ways. On road, it handles more like a sports car than a 2.7-tonne pick-up, and it can tackle the toughest off-road conditions with ease when driving off-road.


Rivian R1T is a 100% electric pick-up truck that uses four permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors, one on each wheel, to add a combined power of 835 horsepower and a spectacular torque of 908 lb-ft.

These figures (with 21-inch road tires) allow a 0 to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds, a range of 314 miles and a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.

Driving Experience

If someone blindfolded you, put you in an R1T, took you around a curvy road, and then asked you what kind of vehicles you were in, you’d never guess it was a pick-up. The four-motor configuration with selective torque distribution, adaptive dampers and sophisticated suspension architecture combine to offer a driving experience unlike any other for a truck.


The system offers active body roll control and height-adjustable air suspension, allowing the suspension to be set up for a smooth, comfortable ride on motorways, sporty driving or tackling rough terrain.


The RIT’s propulsion system, with its four motors, detects wheel slip in milliseconds and distributes the necessary amount of force to each of the wheels, with the required precision. The car climbs obstacles slowly and confidently with it’s Rock Crawl mode and feels unstoppable.


The ground clearance of the R1T can be adjusted by 16.5 centimeters, between 20 and 36.5 centimeters. For comparison, this is 8.3 centimeters taller than the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, which has a ground clearance of 28.2 centimeters. The R1T’s underbody isn’t riddled with transmissions or exhaust pipes to protect, though it does have a ‘shield’ of high-strength steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.


The pick-up also features an integrated air compressor, which allows tire pressure to be reduced quickly for off-road use, and then increased again when you’re about to hit the road again. It takes about 20 minutes to inflate the tires from the 1.93 bar to the 3.3 recommended for regular roads.



The Rivian R1T isn’t just a great electric vehicle; it redefines what it means to be an electric vehicle. Rather than being built on a single-use chassis, the R1T is versatile, offering consumers a pick-up truck that can be used in off-road situations as well as on the highway, all with zero emissions.


Pros and Cons of Rivian R1T

Pros Cons
Superb off-road capabilities Could add more driver-assistance features
Powerful acceleration No support for Android auto or Apple car play
Attractive design  




Rivian R1T Adventure Specifications

Basic Info
R1T Truck Adventure 2022
5 Years / 60,000 Miles Basic , 8 Years / Unlimited Miles Corrosion , 8 Years / 175,000 Miles Drivetrain , and 5 Years / 60,000 Miles Roadside Assistance Warranty.
Available Colors
Compass Yellow, El Cap Granite, Forest Green, Glacier White, LA Silver, Limestone, Midnight, Red Canyon, and Rivian Blue.
Body Type
Engine Type
Engine Power
835 hp
908 lb-ft
Fuel Type
Transmission Type
Drive Type
All-Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Single Speed
Steering Type
Steering Gear Type
Dimensions and Weight
217.1 in
79 in
78.2 in
Wheel Base
135.8 in


View the full specifications list here


Rivian R1T Canada




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