Price of a Jet Car

A jet car, sometimes called a rocket car, is typically an everyday car with the body and chassis removed and replaced with an airplane-style cockpit. It uses all the same parts as an airplane, including wings and retractable landing gear.

Jet cars usually run on gasoline but have been known to use other flammable liquids, such as methanol or nitromethane, when driven at higher speeds, like those reached at drag races (they are illegal in some places).

What really makes jet cars so cool? It’s the rush you get from the speed of over 300 mph!

Jet Car Price starts at $30,000 in USA.

Engine of a Jet Car

There are two ways to get a jet engine in your car. One is for a normal car to sit on top of a chassis that accommodates the jet engine, much like how traditional automobiles sit on a chassis. The other way is for the jet engine to be bolted onto the bottom of an airplane-like fuselage, which then sits on four wheels or tracks.

Jet cars use propellers or turbines because air enters from the front while exhaust leaves from the back. A turbine sucks in air at the front and forces it through the combustion chamber where fuel is injected into it. As it exits out of the back, it powers both the turbine blades and one or more compressor blades on each side that suck in more air.

Nitrous Oxide Systems

To start, nitrous oxide (N2O) is an inorganic gas that can be found naturally on Earth. It’s also used as a propellant when mixed with fuel. Nitrous oxide has two primary uses- it is often used to make whipped cream, but it is also the key to unlocking a very powerful engine system in jet cars.

The way these cars work is by using pressurized air to force nitrous oxide into the combustion chamber of the engine, where it mixes with gasoline or alcohol. When you press down on the accelerator, the mixture of gases and liquids combusts and creates massive amounts of power for a few seconds before quickly burning out.

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