Ferrari LaFerrari – Price, Specs & Review in Canada 2022


Ferrari LaFerrari is a mild hybrid limited production sports car and 2022 price in Canada starts at CAN$ 7,780,000 for the Coupe trim level and goes up to CAN$ 8,460,000 for the LaFerrari Aperta. Ferrari produced 500 units of Coupe and 210 units of Aperta from 2013 to 2018.

The Ferrari LaFerrari is offered as the coupe variant from 2013 to 2016 and as the Aperta variant from 2016 to 2018 and the following table shows their prices.

Ferrari LaFerrari Coupe (2013-2016)CAN$ 7,780,000
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (2016-2018)CAN$ 8,460,000
Laferrari Price Table

Ferrari LaFerrari Review in Canada

One of the fastest and most beautiful cars ever built, the Ferrari LaFerrari, was released in 2013 and has been wowing supercar enthusiasts ever since. It’s one of the fastest production cars in the world, with a top speed of 218 miles per hour and a 0-60 mile per hour time of 2.6 seconds. The car looks as gorgeous as it drives, too; it has the classic style of all Ferraris, combined with a sleek new aerodynamic shape that makes it look even faster than it actually is. Learn more about this incredible vehicle by reading this LaFerrari supercar review!

Engine and Performance

The car looks stunning from any angle and is meticulously constructed. The interior quality is outstanding, with high-quality leather used to cover practically every surface. From a performance perspective, it is about as good as it gets. Ferrari’s 6.3L V12 provides a raw power output of 950 hp (708 kW) and 900 Nm of torque (664 lb-ft). Thanks to its drivetrain layout and electric motor, Ferrari says that 0–60 mph acceleration will take less than 3 seconds in all-electric mode.

Exterior Design

From every angle, it’s obvious that Ferrari did everything possible to make sure that its latest supercar is both beautiful and aerodynamic. Sharp lines, giant air intakes (designed to reduce air pressure), and sleek curves are everywhere you look on LaFerrari. Ferrari designers even went so far as to replace traditionally curved windshield wipers with straight ones in order to improve wind resistance. The end result is a 0.8 coefficient of drag—making it more aerodynamic than any other production car in history.

Interior Design

The interior of Ferrari’s latest supercar is designed to provide maximum visibility and comfort. Wrapped in Alcantara, it provides a luxurious ride. The steering wheel itself is constructed with carbon fiber and suede leather, keeping a consistent theme throughout. Four gauges help keep track of speed as well as some additional information, like lap times, RPMs and G-force levels. A full-length windscreen helps with aerodynamics on both city streets and track days. The entire layout was clearly planned out by engineers who know how to make an automobile feel fast from any viewpoint inside or outside of its doors.

Safety Features

Like any high-performance machine, there’s a level of risk involved with driving a supercar like LaFerrari. Even though it’s built with racing technology in mind, Ferrari spent extra time developing safety features to help protect its occupants. The car’s main safety feature is its carbon fiber structure which supports two roll cages that protect both occupants in case of an accident. In total, seven airbags are included in order to protect driver and passenger from any harm during a collision as well as several electronic control systems that sense road hazards and adjust settings accordingly to minimize impact. Its computerized traction control system also keeps wheelspin at bay by redistributing torque on all four wheels while distributing braking pressure across all brake rotors depending on which wheels have better traction; its Aero Bridge deflector optimizes downforce for better performance and stability.

Ferrari LaFerrari Specs

Engine Capacity6300 cc
Max Power950 hp @ 9250 rpm
Torque664 lb-ft @ 6750 rpm
Transmission7-speed dual clutch automatic
Top Speed221 mph
0-60 Mph Time2.4 seconds
Fuel Efficiency12 mpg (city)
Number Of Seats2
Number of Doors2

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