Bentley Continental GT – Price, Specs & Review in Canada 2022

Bentley Continental GT Price

Bentley Continental GT is a luxury Grand Tourer in production since 2003 and price in Canada starts at CAN$ 273,000 for the Coupe and goes up to CAN$ 403,000 for the Speed Convertible trim level in 2022.

Trim LevelPrice
Bentley Continental GT CoupeCAN$ 273,000
Bentley Continental GT ConvertibleCAN$ 299,000
Bentley Continental GT S CoupeCAN$ 293,000
Bentley Continental GT S ConvertibleCAN$ 319,000
Bentley Continental GT SpeedCAN$ 371,000
Bentley Continental GT Speed ConvertibleCAN$ 403,000
Bentley Continental GT price table

Bentley Continental GT REVIEW IN CANADA

If you’re in the market for an elegant, sporty luxury car, the Bentley Continental GT should be near the top of your list of options. Its powerful 6.0L twin-turbo W12 engine will get you around town quickly and comfortably, while its plush interior and advanced features will help you get through the daily grind with ease. Read on to learn why this car is a great choice for those who want both power and luxury without having to sacrifice one or the other!


The Bentley Continental GT shares several design features with the Porsche Panamera, including its air springs and infotainment system. It also uses a 48-volt architecture similar to that of the Bentayga and Audi SQ7.

With regards to the powertrain, the Bentley Continental GT shares many similarities with Porsche models. In this third generation, they have revised the transmission by implementing a new 8-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox that was first implemented on Porsches during their second generation of the Panamera.

The all-wheel drive system is also new, and it operates by using a controlled center differential all-wheel drive configuration that can only act on the front end under conditions of loss of grip. This means that for most circumstances the Continental GT behaves like a propulsion car, modifying its behavior depending on the state of the road surface or according to which driving program was selected.


The exterior design of the Bentley Continental GT has changed over time but always remained true to its original lines. This newest version features slightly more powerful features from what was seen on previous models and takes after the beauty of the first generation’s original designs.

It is in the back where the third generation of the Continental GT distinguishes itself from its predecessors, having an oval-shaped set of LEDs that were unparalleled before. This includes a roofline whose steepness is unmatched and large taillights whose shape has changed drastically too.


When broadly looked at, the Continental GT was always seen as a luxury GT with very high performance. It also had notable classic undertones. So it’s no surprise that one of the car’s key selling points is its use of top-notch materials in building its interior. Another important factor – Comfort level and ease of driving at such speeds while going fast.

This results in a design that doesn’t cater to any particular driving behavior, but instead prioritizes enjoyment. Mulliner is the subdivision of Bentley created for customization needs, which offer an infinite number of choices when selecting colors, materials, upholstery designs and other features.

A multimedia system with a 12.3 HD touchscreen, a fully digital instrument panel, adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assistant function, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection – all these are available in every model of the Continental GT.

Bentley Continental GT Specifications

EngineTwin-turbocharged, Intercooled, DOHC 48-valve, W-12
Engine Capacity5952 cc
Max Power650 hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque664 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm
Transmission8-speed dual clutch automatic
Top Speed208 mph
0-60 Mph Time3.2 seconds
Fuel Efficiency15 mpg (combined)
Number Of Seats4
Number of Doors4

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